Thursday, December 15, 2005

Power point requirements

Write an outline for your Current events POwer Point. Create 3 slides. The first slide should provide a summary of your event, 2nd how this event represents leadership. 3rd How the leadership involved in the event apllies to your life or how it can apply to your life.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Current Events project

Your Assignmnet is to research current events that invlovle leadership. This is an individual assignment that requires you to find 3 different events that represent leadership. Events must come from 3 seperate sources, Internet, Newspaper, and Magazine. As a culminating conclusion to this assignment you will present these events via PowerPoint. The Powerpoint should should show the realtionship between the 3 events you have chosen to research. First thing you must do is conduct a brainstorm/ research posible current events that you may want to investigate.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

TOday's Agenda

1. Choose another characteristic from laws of life prompt.
2. Continue blog design and exchange business blog address with classmates with similar business. Post a comment to be responded byyour fellow classmates.
3. Finalize powerpoint presentations.
4. Go to google and research the cost of starting the business of your choice.
5. Go to Microsoft Excel and create a budget based on the figures you have found on internet. Data should include cost, supplies, net profit, Gross profit.
6. Open up Publisher and finalize business stationary. You should have business cards, letterhead, price lists, fliers.
7. Individually write a 1 page summary of your business' progress